Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Positions at Bridg

Noting that the Photon-X sponsored positions have an ‘immediate’ start date and their corresponding application portal is open for only two weeks (starting 3/17/2017), we ‘ask’ for your assistance in quickly distributing the attached program description to your faculty and students.  The attached description includes program overview, opportunities and expectations, project descriptions, list of the BRIDG mentors, and the ‘when and where to apply’ instructions.  We have the positions posted on UCF-KnightLink Job site: Job ID 97974.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Research Paid Position

A research project entitled “Evaluation of the optical and mechanical properties of chalcogenide fiber” is under way during the Spring 2016 semester at CREOL. Lockheed Martin is funding a program led by Dr Kenneth L Schepler (schepler@creol.ucf.edu) to evaluate the state of the art in chalcogenide fiber durability. Chalcogenide glass fibers will be tested for their ability to transport high-power infrared laser beams. We will measure beam transmission and beam quality as a function of input power in chalcogenide fibers made commercially and at CREOL.
We are in need of an undergraduate student to perform laboratory tasks such as fiber cleaving/polishing, data acquisition, and data analysis. Students interested in applying for this research position should meet the following requirements:

  • successfully completed OSE 4520/OSE 4520L Laser Engineering
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • full-time student working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Photonic Science and Engineering
  • NOT currently involved in Senior Project work
  • US citizenship
  • provide CREOL faculty reference

Students will be expected to work 10 hours per week between now and 31 May 2017. Work will be overseen by CREOL faculty and graduate students. Final briefings will be given by students to Lockheed Martin representatives interested in potential new hires.

Please contact Dr. Schepler at schepler@creol.ucf.edu

Jobs at IMEC

Here is a set of jobs from IMEC:

We are in need of some more senior talent for our next round of hires. I hope to have more job openings within the next couple of weeks as newly hired Program Managers develop their projects and talent needs. Call or email anytime if I can be a resource for you in anyway.

Sr. Analog Mixed Signal Chip Architect:

Sr. Analog RF IC Designer

Imaging and Camera Systems Engineer

Program Manager, IC Link

Sr. System Architect mm wave imaging

Kind Regards,
Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner, imec Florida
M +1 315 491 5942  I
400 W. Emmett  I  St. Kissimmee  I  FL 34741  I  USA

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Internship at OptiGrate

Job ID: OG17-GI1
Position: Optical Manufacturing Intern
Company Name: OptiGrate Corp
Job location: Oviedo, FL (2 miles from UCF/CREOL)
Position type: Student internship, ~20hr/wk (minimum engagement for 6 months)
Compensation: $10/hr
Desired Education Level: UCF freshman students pursuing technical degree are encouraged to apply

Job Description
The successful candidate will work as a member of the Glass Manufacturing Department and will assist in optical glass polishing and testing. Any experience with glass processing machinery as well as ability in instrumentation maintenance and resolving troubleshooting are a plus.


OptiGrate Corp is a fast growing, innovative technology company with leading positions in design and development of holographic optical elements. The Company is proud to have more than 500 customers on 6 continents in optoelectronics, analytical, semiconductor, research, and defense industries. OptiGrate was elected one of the 50 Florida Companies to Watch in 2011 and Small Manufacturer of the Year in 2014 from Manufacturers Association of Central Florida.