Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Winter School at Arizona

The College of Optical Sciences houses one of the largest and most comprehensive educational and research programs in optics & photonics. The goal of hosting the Optics and Photonics Winter School will be to give undergraduate students an overview of foundational areas in optics, and how they are related to specific fields of optics & photonics research, in hopes of encouraging more students to pursue a career in those fields. During each day of the Winter School, an introductory lecture will cover core material from a specific area of optics & photonics. The goal is to introduce key concepts and outline the curriculum necessary for a career in the field. The introductory lectures will be followed by presentations on selected topics, with the goal of connecting the core material to examples of cutting-edge research. Each day will involve lab tours of nearby facilities, including the world famous Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab.