Friday, April 18, 2014

Internships at Flex Optronix

Received this from Flex Optronix!  They have 3 internships.​

My name is Arria Owlia, and I am with Flex Optronix Technologies. We are beginning a summer internship program this year and are opening up to three seats for your students at UCF. My main intent with this email is to gather more information as to how we can spread the word among your scholars.

Regarding Flex Optronix, we are a relatively new company, focused in the field of optics, specifically micro-structured optical materials and fibers. As for the internship, it will run through the summer and requires that students possess or are interested in learning one or more of the following skills:
1.       Optical Experiments
2.       Polymer and Chemical Processing
3.       Machine Construction/Automation/Control

Specifically, graduate and senior undergraduate students who have a background or education in the following fields will be able to make the most use out of such an internship: Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics. As such, I am reaching out to all UCF colleges with students in these fields.

For a copy of the exact flyer we are using for the internship positions, please see the following link:

We are proud to offer such a program and also feel that your students will gain significant industry experience throughout the course of the internship. With this in mind, please let me know of any routes we may use in order to help spread the word to your students. Lastly, please do not hesitate to contact me, at or 713-382-5663, with any questions you may have.